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Zero-capital set-up, growing organically is not impossible

by Melissa Sin, March 2018


Growing up, my siblings and I spent a lot of our childhood in our parents' shop-lot factory and watch the business grow into what it is today. It was all-work-no-play and we sat in the office doodling and playing with typewriters all day. 


I didn't have to worry about how my tertiary education was funded, I had only one task and that was to graduate bachelors and masters with grades that could take me to another phase of life - the glorified career path. I am thankful that my parents have made so much sacrifices for me but post-university, I am all on my own because we should and we must be. 


In mid-2013, encouraged by my then-boyfriend-now-fiance, I started a zero-capital business, The Bag Atelier. There were three principles that we held on from day one, it was challenging but experimental and that was to be  - Individualistic, Zero-Capital and Affordable Statement. 


It has been four and a half years since our inception, growing organically is the best approach juggling between developing our brand and my full-time role in SKB Shutters. We must not be easily carried away by the fast-paced marketing happening around us. In many occasions, I realised it was necessary to have more time to brew better ideas and listening to feedback. As simple as it sounds, we must stay relevant and most importantly, keep an open mind so we can sail in the same direction as the waves that would take us to the shore. 


Special thanks to The Star for giving us the privilege be on the cover of LIFE INSPIRED and Nasa and Sunitha for generous encouragement during our interview!


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