Harpers Bazaar Malaysia's Most Stylish Women 2016 

Honored and overwhelmed that our founder and creative director, Melissa Sin has been handpicked by

Harpers Bazaar Malaysia as one of the Malaysia's 10 most stylish women in 2016.

When Deputy Fashion News Editor of Harpers Bazaar, Amy Yasmine sent me a text to feature as one of Malaysia's Most Stylish Women 2016, I literally jumped off my chair at work. 


2016 couldn't have end any better with Harpers Bazaar December issue lining up this year's most stylish women of Malaysia. Along with 9 other beautiful ladies pursuing their dreams and passion in their respective field, I am so proud that The Bag Atelier has came this far!


(never would I have thought we would stand a chance to receive a name mention on any fashion magazine!)

When asked during the shoot 'What is the wildest fashion fantasy I have?" Without hesitation, a couture wardrobe would make my life complete! 


Arrived at Yipieyaya Studio at noon, brought along my accessories and dresses in case the crews might need them for props. Heard Amy's loud welcome and instantly felt like home! The night before I received my call sheet and spot Bong on the Make Up Artist column - so relieved, Amy made sure we were in good hands (because Bong gives you the look of a million dollars!).


Didn't need to go through the racks for my outfit, the crew quickly handed me a Gucci dress with a hand beaded leopard embellishment, fell in love with it at first sight! Wore it and was ready to strut under Chuan's directions. Chuan was professional yet easy at the same time, in a blink of an eye we had 50 over shots and shortlisted 3 to make the cut. 

An illustrator was on-site to create interesting layouts for our pictures. We talked about the love for cats and dogs - dogs definitely! In fact Lady, my Dalmatian is my favourite of all. Harpers Bazaar quickly came up with an idea to have Dalmatian puppies all over my picture and ta-dah, my feature for HB's Most Stylish Women 2016 was one that is fun on print and exciting in studio!


Special thanks to Kenneth (@kennieboy), Amy (amybijoux) from Harpers Bazaar Malaysia, Bong (@kfbongmakeup) for the sexy lips and contour and Chuan Looi (@chuanlooi) from Yipieyaya Studio for the quick guide to high fashion model poses! 


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