BURO 24/7 Malaysia February 2017 Style Crush: Melissa Sin

#girlboss Melissa Sin shares with Buro 24/7 Malaysia on what makes The Bag Atelier an interesting 

enterprise and her current style picks and favourites.

Special thanks to Buro Editor, Jasmine Leong for the lovely interview; and Cai Mei Khoo, Editor-in-Chief of Buro 24/7 Malaysia - for giving us this opportunity to share more about The Bag Atelier on this platform of wonders!


Sharing with fellow TBAs a short excerpt of our interview with Jasmine,


What sets The Bag Atelier apart from the other e-labels out there?


I always wanted to make The Bag Atelier a personal experience, selfishly for myself for a number of reasons. I wanted it to be challenging, individualistic but also experimental. We headed off with zero-capital, reasonably affordable and individually customized. Hence, we opted for Instagram, WhatsApp and email rather than a click-and-go website. With no initial capital at all, we insisted zero-capital all the way to encourage other young start-ups and first-time entrepreneurs to work on their ideas. It is tough because many times, I am tempted to spend marketing dollars out of my own pocket but I always reminded myself there must be a way—just start brainstorming and act on it!


For the full article, head over to Buro 24/7 Malaysia to read about The Bag Atelier and my statement-making style mantra.