#BrunchWithBuro x Female Empowerment with Buro 24/7 Malaysia

Fourteen of Malaysia’s prominent ladies come together to share the highlights of their careers

and challenges faced in getting to where they are today


Melissa talks about the inspiring #BrunchWithBuro with 14 oustanding women who gathered together on a lovely Tuesday morning exchanging views and sharing experience on their journey of female empowerment and leadership.


"When asked about the mentors I have throughout the shifting phases from working in a Big 4 Advisory Firm to joining the family business and now with The Bag Atelier, I was thankful and proud to say my father stood by me and gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to take on higher limits that were supposed to be 'invincible'. Some days I feel battled and had no courage to take in more than I thought I could but his stories from all that he has been through lift my spirits (like a magic potion)."


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